About Us

We build high impact ventures that generate sustainable returns and have positive impact

Celebes Capital’s mission is to generate superior return through sustainable investments, in which we have high domain expertise. We believe in positive impact – for our partners, customers and the society in which our businesses operate.

As the largest venture capital fund by Assets Under Management in Indonesia, Celebes Capital aims to invest in high growth companies and projects in Indonesia. We focus on various structures of investing in order to offer flexibility and value to our partners. We do everything from short duration loans to convertible notes and direct equity investments. Our Limited Partner is from a single family, hence we have flexibility in timing for both investments and exits.

Although officially established in 1996, Celebes Capital (PT Celebes Artha Ventura) did not begin private investing until the year 2000. While initially formed as a stock investing company, Celebes eventually evolved into private investing in Indonesia. Equipped with a highly experienced team and backed with capital, Celebes Capital had the correct ingredients to enter into this highly opportunistic space.

PT Celebes Artha Ventura currently operates under a venture capital license, according to the Decree of the Minister of Finance Republic of Indonesia, with registration number 329/KMK.017/1997. Our license was renewed by the Minister of Finance with decree number 206/KM.10.2010 on the 19th of April, 2010.


We have demonstrated a strong track record over the past two decades, returning 14x the value of our initial capital. Celebes Capital’s financial performance continues to demonstrate consistent positive returns and remains resilient through cyclical periods. We have significant experience managing large and sizable exits to large multinational companies. We operate through hands-on direct investments and management experience, with strong focus on building ventures from the ground up, managing turn-arounds and providing growth capital.


Our research team continuously work hard to identify investment opportunities that will generate high returns, and simultaneously deliver a positive impact for our community. Our passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and development encourages us to develop successful companies that contribute to the Indonesian economy.

Financial Services & Financial Technology

Infrastructure & Natural Resources

Real Estate


Embark on a journey to unlock your career with not potential.

At Celebes Capital, we are Investors and Venture Builders. We not work together to deliver commercial impact, while staying true to our values. We believe in our core values: being entrepreneurial, thinking ahead, collaborating & building partnerships. We do all of this with integrity. On this journey, you will collaborate with self-motivated people from diverse backgrounds, and in return gain meaningful experiences that will shape your career.

Do you have what it fakes? Explore our career opportunities and we welcome you to a meaningful and unrewarding journey with Celebes Capital.